We present our team


Our team is hand-on when it comes to visiting the sites for approval to make sure that all properties are in good condition, location and perfect view before showing it to the clients. We also work continually to interpret and act upon economic forces in the marketplace. And with every transaction, we stress on creative solving coupled with judicious application of sound real estate principles


Managed by industry professionals with many years of experience in Sales and Retail.


Maya Devidas

Managing Director


As a co-founder and Managing director, Maya develops and implements ground-breaking business strategies across the UAE. She oversees all deals and ensures they are conducted with the utmost integrity and legal compliance. Her extensive background in the Real Estate field makes her well-versed with every aspect of the domain. She motivates and leads managers and team members across the org by ensuring a rewarding and friendly environment. Maya brings top-notch leadership and organizational skills to the table, with a strong focus on the financial performance of the org. Clients find her clear communication and a pleasing personality an added bonus. In her spare time, she loves honing her expertise further in Vastu and Feng Shui.


Elena Firsova



An individual of many talents, Elena has proven experience managing both small and big teams. Besides looking after all the staffing needs, she oversees day-to-day operations and makes sure all short and longterm employee objectives are met. She is adept at budgeting and keeps a close eye on maximizing operational efficiency in the org. She plays a key role in formulating HR, finance, procurement and operational policies. Her keen eye for detail and analytical capabilities help her with generating various reports for the higher management and maximizing employee productivity. Her hobbies include health & well-being and treating employees to her delicious baking goodies.


These highly trained agents have the highest integrity and competence and make all the deals possible.


Shanawaz Khan

ORN: 36138

Shanawaz has a extensive background in sales, having worked with such organizations as the Al Ghurair group in the past. He is excited about Dubai's fast growing and dynamic Real Estate market and the investment opportunities it offers. With a knack for sales and meeting new people, he is very passionate about guiding clients to their dream property. When not busy, he likes to explore his love of super cars.


Khan Zarak Siraj

ORN: 36138

With a background in Law and consultancy, Zarak is a ambitious and hard-working Real Estate agent. He is committed to not only making sure that his clients get a good deal, but also that their legal interests are protected. In the world of real estate, where the landscape can be as complex as the law itself, having a real estate agent with a background in law can be a game-changer. He is especially skilled at communicating complex Real Estate terms in simple language.