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For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. Dans la version religieuse, l’Afrique occupe alors de manière métonymique la place d’un ancêtre disparu, vivant dans l’éternité en attendant la rédemption. Phumelele Tsewu, an English teacher and former vice principal at Fezeka Secondary School in Gugulethu black African township in Cape Town, uses choral singing to compensate for deficiencies in music education. It is no mere accident thatthe Beethoveniana of this collection include, with samples from his sketches his ubiquitous detailedworking material his copy from one of Mozart’s works. The hymn, also known as the African national anthem, provides an open field of memory work at the intersection between public religion and popular culture. It is currently considered the oldest keyboard instrument in the world. The Society also made available learning material whereby a singer may hear a recording of any chosen voice line, with metronome and/or organ accompaniment. But on the other hand, in the Percussion article, Grove says: “They can also be divided into instruments that produce a sound of definite pitch e. Jacobi / Mayor / Ensemble / Joseph Pulitzer u/s. Somehow, we have to understand how we can build less hierarchical structures and a more balanced relation between directors and actors, dramaturgs, scenographers and others. The libretto in “Aida” doesn’t specify a specific time, so it faced difficulty to decide on authentic sets and costumes during the first production. The documents reproduced below were given to me by Mr Anwar Gambeno who played an important role in the creation of the KTDMCB. By law, she can not work on that boatand is forced to leave. And maybe cover a bunch of old blue songs until we found ourselves again and started from a new place, not the expectations of what we had done in the past.

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Press conferences offer many examples of informative speaking about events. The new additions are: Joey, Mikey, Vicky, Becky, Bix, Jessie, Darla, Paulie, Noreen, and Doreen. “Bob was very clear from the beginning that there was a political dimension to the story which was very important,” Hwang said. Arguably, the most controversial issue with the 1951 production of Show Boat happened behind the scenes with the casting of Julie LaVerne. Perhaps the echo flute was composed in two halves: one which plays strongly, the other weakly. 香港大學文學院學生,主修英語研究及翻譯,副修音樂。現為多倫多大學心理學系、香港大學文學院英文學院、前中文學院及教育學院研究助理,國際語音學會、香港語言學學會、香港應用語言學學會會員,大學早期音樂合奏團成員。文章散見《立場新聞》等報章。. In addition to calling into question what is often missed in accounts of Hamilton’s story, this unusual omission also illustrates that the show is far from the only popular source to simplify, condense, or exclude elements of history—nor should it be highly criticized for it. By avoiding congruence between what can be heard and music, I made it difficult to mistake what are presented as elements of music as music itself”. And with the new push for classic musicals to be made into television movies, this influence is sure to stay for quite some time. For those of you who weren’t able to see Cry Baby when it was on Broadway in 2008, a cast recording featuring most of the original cast was finally released last year as the licensing rights were just released by Music Theatre International. Think back to concepts covered in those classes and consider whether they would serve as unique, interesting, and enlightening topics for the informative speech. Let me start by saying, thank you for reaching out to me. ” The original songs are by Richard M. Gilbert and Sullivan are not only sampled, they are schooled; Miranda gleefully told a journalist he felt he’d improved the rhyme in Gilbert’s famous patter, which becomes George Washington’s rap: “Now I’m the model of a modern major general / The venerated Virginian veteran whose men are all / Lining up, to put me up on a pedestal. The panpipe profiles are the operational taxonomic units used in this study and consist of scoring the most frequent value mode of a given panpipe feature see list below for a given society of culture; in the case that the most frequent value is represented by two or more feature categories, the value was left as unknown ‘. Or Mary Poppins, of all things. LikeLiked by 1 person. 1017/S0954586701002610Save Citation »Export Citation »Share Citation ». Article Google Scholar. Q5: You’re also a native of Northeast Ohio, right. But the lives of these two masters, tragically short like Schubert’s, produced a broadspectrum of highly original works. The following year he was awarded the Grand Prix for his cantata L’Enfant prodigue. The song is in two parts: Verse and Refrain, which Ira was subsequently to adopt in other songs. And The Wizard of Oz debuting on Broadway.

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Whether a music work is political, and that might mean, is hard to ascertain and is by no means stable over time. Machito’s orchestra added jazz and a big band sound. STILL THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR MUSICAL. “I think you very well might,” Kiedis teases. Myriel was the son of a councillor of the Parliament of Aix; hence he belonged to the nobility of the bar. Site design / logo rev 2023. The families of instruments used, especially in orchestras, grew larger; a process that climaxed in the early 20th century with very large orchestras used by late romantic and modernist composers. ” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 1 1: 10–21. Past credits include Kiki in Legally Blonde Ovation Nominated, 42nd Street Billy Lawlor, Sweet Charity, The Who’s Tommy, and Sunday In The Park With George. He also scored several successful films. What happened to the sermon at the end of jean valjeans life. You’d be hard pressed to find somebody who didn’t know that. Feldman’s lyrics are spot on, while the melody reminds us just how charming a composer Mr. Locally, he has been seen at Stages, Variety Theatre, The Black Rep, St. The 60 strong chorus takes on the voice of the people, priests, slaves and prisoners during the opera, although a surprising number of scenes are quite intimate, featuring just a couple of characters. Bach’s death 1750 to that of Beethoven’s death 1827. Certainly, the issues of race, definitions of beauty and religious fanaticism are still incredibly potent topics. Recorders are typically held at an angle between vertical and horizontal, the attitude depending on the size and weight of the recorder, and personal preference. The organ is one of the oldest of these, and its earliest predecessors were built in Ancient Greece in the third century BCE. 1017/CCOL9780521640268Save Citation »Export Citation »Share Citation ». To partially uncover a covered hole, the player may slide the finger off the hole, bend or roll the finger away from the hole, gently lift the finger from the hole, or a combination of these. After a week of performances, the creative team not only cut songs and replaced scenes, but Kristen was let go because they thought she felt too sweet for the role of a street smart orphan.

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That’s mickeymousing. I was very curious about whether any of the Tyler Perry references were going over people’s heads. Thank you for visiting nature. Think of what your next project might be related to your interests and set a goal. The countries freed from Fascism reawakened with a certain shock to contemporary music, and theprototype of the composer performer found greatly varying new challenges in experimentation. But I’ve seen the play so many times, it was never hard to pick up where I left off. Are you confused about the difference between celeste and celesta. It deals with a future of opera that can no longer be realized. He played a crucial role in assembling the British creative team and building the show from the ground up into a full length spectacular, having been captivated by a recording of a “musical tableau” Boublil and Schonberg had staged in Paris “by the fourth track I had already decided that I had to do it”. After Miss Andrew goes to her room, Jane and Michael decide that running away is the only solution. Lynette, I think it was a holdover from the British productions, where the Cockney accent signified he was a street urchin of low social standing. Listen to his “Kyrie” from Missa Prolationum a church Mass. En arrivant a Jersey from Oeuvres complètes: actes et paroles II: pendant l’exil, 1852 1870 p 55.

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The exceptions came fromcomposers committed to the symphonic rather than the soloistic ideal, and it is characteristic of themerging of Romantic virtuosity and Classic form that one of the most popular violin concertos of theera bears the title symphony the Symphonie Espagnole by Edouard Lalo, a French composer ofSpanish ancestry. It’s been his home for over two decades and he can’t wait to help more students find the home of their own. Join them and book your tickets today. The musical encourages individuality, acceptance and freedom. The Renaissance saw a flourishing of musical theatre, with the development of courtly masques and opera. Offers an overview of a major figure’s career with a focus on Hollywood’s typecasting in exotic representations. Strike Up the Band was definitely not an Aarons Freedly or a Ziegfeld musical. Directed by Morton DeCosta and choreographed by Onna White, both of whom staged the original Broadway production. With all the crazy things that happened the movie and. 5 million investment was recouped by May 2003 about nine months after it opened on Broadway. Leo Benedictus: There’d be rave reviews all round for this ribald West End revival – if it weren’t for one critic’s de briefed encounter. These days, Hair is performed in high schools, by kids who can ask their grandparents about the draft and the war in Vietnam. My work argues that discourses on keyboard temperaments developed new understandings of musically usable tonal spaces as spaces in dialogue with rapidly changing theological, economic, and legal understandings of literal Earthly spaces in European thought as it sought to cope with, control, and profit from the expanding planet disclosed in the colonial project. Like the Carousel of Progress, the first and the last scenes of America Sings involved the loading and unloading of guests, while the other four scenes, or “acts,” depicted a particular era. However, after 15 weeks of supremacy, Drizzy was ousted by Major Lazer, Justin Bieber and MØ and tumbled to Number 5. Ethan Lipton returns to his artistic home at the Public Theater in New York City to play with toys, musical storytelling, and space travel. In each of these cases, the speaker tries to offer the appropriate level of detail and depth for the particular audience.

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Best Musical Show Album. It was he who was principally responsible for introducing Mozart’s andBeethoven’s symphonic work in England. The Australian production is directed by Jack O’Brien, whose last show was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. From Equal Suffrage to Equal Rights: Alice Paul and the National Woman’s Party, 1910–1928. And his songs end up showing not just how musical theory can invigorate pop, but also the reverse. The rather lilting rhythm gives way at to make him stay which is played much more slowly and the singer’s voice descends and is best expressed by a dark, creamy elegant voice such as Ella Fitzgerald’s. ” information from Musicals 101, accessed 29/04/20. Disneyland ParkDisney D Light is a magical seven minute show combining video projection, water jets, lighting effects, fog, lasers and Disney music, ending with a moment of pure magic when no less than 200 drones appear in a choreographed sequence over Sleeping Beauty Castle. TheWizard, by portraying himself as a crusading liberator, maintains hishold on power, and some — like Madame Morrible, headmistress at ShizUniversity — are drawn to the powerful. Equality, citizens, is not all vegetation on a level, a society of big spears of grass and little oaks; a neighbourhood of jealousies emasculating each other; it is, civilly, all aptitudes having equal opportunity; politically, all votes having equal weight; religiously, all consciences having equal rights. The production toured the UK and Ireland again in 2021 directed by Paul Kerryson and starring Brenda Edwards as Motormouth Maybelle and Norman Pace as Wilbur. A film adaptation of the stage musical, featuring Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway, was released in 2012. Danny sprints into the scene, wearing a track suit after having joined the Rydell track team, to the disapproval and confusion of the other Burger Palace boys.


I love One Direction because they are the most amazing band in the world. “information from Musicals 101, accessed 29/04/20. He tried to have sex with me, and I’d been too scared. JavaScript is disabled. During the Classical era, composers like Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven embraced the piano as a primary instrument for their compositions. She’s so politically incorrect, she ticks every box. To avoid confusion let’s first describe four types of related instruments. Condition is Very Good; Spine slightly faded, previous owner’s name on ffep, text and illustrations are very clean, binding is tight. Musical notation, having emerged on a wide scale in all civilizations, produced in itself a highly individual record of artistic endeavor. While Habermas emphasised that the ‘ideal speech situation’ is ‘a methodological fiction or thought experiment rather than as something that can actually be achieved’, his reliance on it as a normative criterion against which all real speech situations can be compared has invited reasonable critique of his critical system, most vitally: how it is that he gained access to the ideal speech situation – this transcendental criterion that must constitute, for his system, an absolute truth – and how he can justify that his concept of the ideal speech situation is indeed the ‘true’ one. Their relationship is mirrored by four other relationships Captain Andy and Parthy Ann, Julie and Steve, Joe and Queenie and Frank and Ellie. Its clever integration of catchy songs with a strong narrative set a high benchmark for future Broadway performances, solidifying its status as a timeless classic. And he is not exaggerating. David tunes his homemade harpsichord to the Tartini Temperament when playing with violinists it ensures that at least the A E interval is a perfect 5th. He was offered $20,000 around $380,000 today adjusted for inflation and went to work in earnest. In opposition to composers like Nono and Henze, the critical composers ‘sought to break through and render visible the socio historically determined mechanisms of expression and effect’, showing how these ‘only serve to channel reception and obstruct any true self experience on the listener’s part’.


Best Musical Best Book of a Musical Best Original Score Best Featured Actor in a Musical Michael Maguire Best Featured Actress in a Musical Frances Ruffelle Best Scenic Design Best Lighting Design Best Direction of a Musical Best Actor in a Musical Terrence Mann Best Actor in a Musical Colm Wilkinson Best Featured Actress in a Musical Judy Kuhn Best Costume Design. Therefore, the correct answer is “Mostly emotion. Science, art and mythology all become fair game for inspiring new music. “But for the most part the stage version and the movie are very similar. In 2006, the Met launched a groundbreaking commissioning program in partnership with New York’s Lincoln Center Theater to provide renowned composers and playwrights the resources to create and develop new works at the Met and at Lincoln Center’s Vivian Beaumont Theater. Rogers was an accomplished pianist himself, and not condescending to kids was a big part of his philosophy, so it was not a hard sell. In similar fashion, the first solution the white frame will think of to solving the racial imbalance will likely be to find examples by Chevalier Saint Georges, William Grant Still, and Scott Joplin. 16 Preferred to “informants,” which has connotations of unidirectional exchange of information related to criminality. At 8:17, the penultimate track on the album is also its longest. His Musique de joye 1550 contains ricercares and dances for performance on “espinetes, violons and fleustes”. And played it almost exactly as the song is now known. The better approach in this case is to be as specific as possible. Main Point 2: Music Career i. “Dani California” treads no new ground for a band that, up until this album, had constantly evolved. I’m curious what was and how long was the longest single gunfight in military history, and how long the people in it had to fight before they got any relief. This site uses cookies to identify visitors and track usage so we can improve the user experience for future visitors. As for Ricki Lake, it wasn’t until the first time she saw the film at an early screening when she realized that she was the star. He was connected, often in close association, with such heterogeneousmusical personalities as Karl Amadeus Hartmann, proponent of avant garde performance and eminentsymphonist; Paul A. The city was a bustling hub of musical activity at the time, home to Gluck, Haydn, Salieri, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. By the end of the Romantic era, the boundaries of tonality were also beginning to be crossed: the major/minor tonal key system which had been in place since JS Bach’s time was re examined and other possibilities were explored. This is what makes the show so special – a music driven script designed to keep the audience engaged throughout the entire production. While itwill be debatable under what circumstances the aforementioned featuresdefeat the prima facie reasons for thinking that profoundlyoffensive appropriation is wrong, the range of cases in which it isoften thought that profound offense is outweighed by other valuessuggests that cultural appropriation will often be morallypermissible, all things considered Young 2005: 138. Vladimiras Prudnikovas’ class; bass baritone Jevgenijus Kovalčiukas Assoc. This site may use cookies. Most of those who know it will have learned it as children singing in groups. For our winter musical for this year there was an immediate conversation between Ms. Public concerts and operas moved away from the exclusivity of royalty and riches and into the hands of the urban middle class society for all to enjoy. Jack refuses to tell Davey why Snyder was after him. Sign up to get updates from us.

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This item is printed on demand. And now, so many years later, in what probably isn’t news to many, a film of Wicked IS finally being made. No edits have been made to the song. To no one’s surprise, the Merman version became the bestseller. The musical originated from a children’s storybook version of Verdi’s opera written by the soprano Leontyne Price. And probably see the show on Broadway. On December 18, 1892, Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker premiered in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Postby trombonejb » Mon Sep 24, 2018 10:29 am. From the Zionists of Natal to the charismatic Apostolic groups ranging from Durban to Harare, the new type of Protestant hymnody had a compelling appeal with its capacity to link traditional sacred songs, familiar rhythms, and Christian hymnody. But make no mistake: these constraints and resources are intended to stimulate the anthropological imagination, not to restrain it” Olivier de Sardan 2008, 22. Technological innovations do not happen in vacuum but instead rely on evolving and adapting existing ideas. It’s almost incomprehensible today, when rock musicals are so much a part of the fabric of American culture, that there was a time, not terribly long ago, when the idea of a rock musical on Broadway seemed outlandish, implausible. 25The setting in Alphabet City is fundamental in the musical. Rent it on Amazon Prime Video. This culture was first introduced in the United States and United Kingdom around the 1960s. The Rise of Music in the Ancient World: East and West. Bobbitt said in the December 22, 1993, edition of the Denver Post, ‘Ouch. “We went over like a wet doughnut,” said Charnin. Whether you’re someone who lived through the 70s and 80s or just a lover of the times music like me, this playlist is a must listen. His action was highly complex and thus expensive, causing many of its features to be dropped by subsequent eighteenth century makers, and then gradually reinvented and reincorporated in later decades. It set the style for many future musical comedies in that, in spite ofthe genre name “musical comedy”, it contained both comic and serious elementsand thus would better be described as a “drama”. It sold more than 15 million copies. However, this Second Republic was short lived. Acknowledging music theory’s core white racial frame problem makes this an appropriate invite, even if the person is not directly involved in music theory, or even in music. Without You: A memoir of Love, Loss, and the Musical Rent. Specs / Ensemble / Davey u/s. He wrote many concertos for the recorder and his Concerto in C major displays how the instrument blends flawlessly with a Baroque chamber orchestra. During the 1960s the AFM organized its political lobbying efforts, creating the TEMPO political action committee. If you are a teacher, you must be ready to deconstruct your position. Baby Myron McAdoo with rocking horse.

For explicitly critical examples from each, see Nono’s A floresta é jovem e cheja de vida 1966, protesting US imperialism in Vietnam, and Henze’s Der langwierige Weg in die Wohnung der Natascha Ungeheuer 1971, skewering so called ‘armchair revolutionaries’

Heritage encompasses a broad and overarching term: “it” issomething that someone or a collective considers to be worthy of beingvalued, preserved, catalogued, exhibited, restored, admired. Though the Coupland Digital Synthesizer never went into production, many of its fundamental technologies and concepts later became standard features of popular, affordable synths from major manufacturers. Website design by: Tess Robinson. Pinky, the owner of a plus size dress shop, for an endorsement. The musical premiered at the Paper Mill Playhouse in 2011 and made its Broadway debut in 2012, where it played for more than 1,000 performances before touring. ” These well known words open Sunday morning: “From historic Temple Square in Salt Lake City, we welcome you to Music and the Spoken Word, with the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square. He has the opportunity of killing Javert but, instead, lets him go. The timbre of any instrument is distinct from that of another instrument because of the different overtones it produces across the harmonic series when blown, struck, or bowed. Purportedly used by Neanderthals, the Divje Babe Flute has received extensive scholarly attention, and whether it is truly a musical instrument or an object formed by animals is the subject of intense debate. This hypothesis requires further enquiry, but it raises a very interesting issue, related to the idea of the art of describing studied by Svetlana Alpers for a later period, in seventeenth century Dutch Art. With a few exceptions, most of the songs in these revues were forgettable. Latin versions of the Greek theatre with music were supplemented by a Roman variant of the pantomime as a dramatic solo dance with chorus and orchestra. A second occasion was for a quick postscript to the original post, in answer to a reader’s question about the famous Elephant. Harrison Bergeron, the main character, is the rebel of the story. Chromaticism was avoided; the overtone series of the lowest bell and the root pitch produced the purest scale with the least clashing overtones. Character Age: 45 to 55.

B Kutschke ‘Aesthetic Theories and Revolutionary Practice: Nicolaus A Huber and Clytus Gottwald in Dissent’, in R Adlington ed Sound Commitments: Avant garde Music and the Sixties Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009 89

Kyle Gann, voice and electronics, sampling keyboard; Kenneth Patchen, voice; Martha Herr, voice. The Voice told me that I had seen the heirs of the Heavenly Kingdom. The Gershwins were delighted at the prospect of working with Kaufman whom they considered ‘the funniest and most intelligent playwright in America’. Marc Bolan, the frontman and creative force behind T Rex, penned the song. Before we dive into Mary Poppins’ clothing, we need to establish a time period and setting to investigate whether her look is accurate or not. ” is currently available for streaming on Netflix. These plays often employed musical forces comparable to those of the religious plays and used them for similar purposes. More information about this seller Contact seller. LifeandStyle Editor Emma Davis writes about the musical Hairspray, touching upon its incredible soundtrack and its ‘deeply poignant and impactful’ themes. Increasingly, however, I found myself drawn to projects in which the language of musical listening could come under scrutiny. At its final performance in September 2015, MAMMA MIA.

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But as was pointed out earlier in this conversation, France, like Ireland suffered centuries of revolt/rebellion. The flea hole is smaller than the rest and usually consists of a small tube that is made out of metal or a chicken or duck feather. In 1793 they, along with many other members of the nobility, were executed. As I was leaving his office he asked what other songs I’d written. The movement of songs, stories, and works of art across borders and boundaries reflects this organic momentum and the ongoing cultural critique that takes shape beyond the confines of any single community. Your Song’ is a classic ballad by Elton John, released in 1970 on his self titled album. Vivaldi died in Vienna, 1741. Example: Mary’s day off is Wednesday and she will NOT budge onthat, come hell, high water or domestic crisis. While the storyline remains the same throughout most of the movie, there are some alterations that were made when adapting the play to the movie that does change it in different ways. Alosta AvenueAzusa, CA 91702. “That’ll be the note that goes with the school productions,” adds Miranda. Although the novel is the key to understanding the musical’s history, it is unfortunately used in these fallacious arguments by fans. The popular rock group included John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. It was not going to be produced by Rick Rubin. ‘Les Mis’ played at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis from Dec. 2008 With Spirit, Leona Lewis became the first British woman to go straight to the top of the Billboard 200 album chart with a debut album. Oscar winning documentarian Morgan Neville turned his camera onto a rock icon for Under the Influence, in which Keith Richards takes viewers on a tour of his own influences — the musical kind. The chorus “Oh fate of Egypt looming, War, war, war. A person who plays a musical instrument is known as an instrumentalist. They were a minority at national level, but a majority in the regions today forming the province of Western Cape. We prefer this role to be played by a white make actor in drag, but this could also be fantastic role for a young white lady with great acting chops who can transform into an older character. So, whites “critiquing whites,” “refusing complicity,” “naming what’s going on,” “subverting white authority,” and “dismantling whiteness” is sorely needed in music theory if we are to make positive change with respect to race in our field. Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Marches, 2005 – 2008. Il fut également adopté par l’African National Congress anc puis par l’État sud africain sous Nelson Mandela comme hymne national. This show had not only entertained countless young fans but also solidified Disney’s position as an industry leader in creating memorable animated content with unforgettable tunes accompanying every adventure. Using material from extensive personal interviews, Such evaluates the impact of civil rights, postindustrialization, and urbanization on the beliefs and attitudes of out musicians.

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He attributes the presence of notes not in the recorder’s normal compass to Vivaldi’s haste, noting that these notes do not appear in the solo sections. The award winning Mary Poppins hit musical cast its spell on Hamburg for two years. The fantasy world of the operetta is represented by the show boat and its theatrical escapism. His system divided instruments into two categories: instruments with solid, vibrating bodies and instruments containing vibrating air. Berklee School of Music in Boston buys 22 in ’68 and orders another 24 in ’69. The equivalent in French if there is an equivalent wouldn’t mean anything to us. If I were running a Zen retreat center, I might embrace the alternative tuning. The end of the performance had the audience on their feet in a well deserved appreciation of the fantastic musical – a lasting visual accolade that proves just how good it really is. In 2002, Hollywood adapted Chicago into a hit film. Watch a video demonstration of XPro Styles PAK 6. In practice, however, the uncovering of the holes is not strictly sequential, and the half covering or uncovering of holes is an essential part of recorder technique. 2007; Greenhill et al.

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The exploration of sex in the face of death and gender transition is directed by Em Weinstein. The box office is open Monday – Saturday 10am–8:30pm, Sunday 12pm–7:30pm, at The Ambassador Theatre, 219 West 49th Street between Broadway and 8th Ave. Ted Gioia spent a week putting put their theories to the test. From characters greetings to daytime and nighttime shows at customized indoor theater venues and outside using the park itself as a stunning backdrop, the Disneyland Paris unique entertainment program keeps guests coming back for more, with shows that consistently deliver high guest satisfaction ratings and even win industry and consumer awards. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. ” She explains that the version on the CD is not just with Stephen at the piano. The Les Misérables musical was originally written and performed in French. 16The company was highly successful, performing in large cities and small towns from 1890–92. Many of Hugo’s works have been digitised and can be read online for free. In my own case, an interest in aesthetics has steered me toward certain repertoire choices. Many have struggled, since Show Boat, to create dramatically integrated musicals, but no one else has ever attempted such a massive task. In compliance with PCI DSS security standard. At first he’s like, “I don’t know, guys,” but eventually he’s into the idea. Afterward, the students are introduced to the technical advantages of “the cage”, which will prevent any animal from speaking. Aya’s favorite movies are Scream and You’ve Got Mail and her favorite TV shows include My So Called Life, Gilmore Girls, You, and Seinfeld.



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